VMware ESXi 和 vCSA 的MD5

6.7 u3:

VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi ISO) image (Includes VMware Tools)
2019-08-20 | 6.7.0U3 | 314.66 MB | iso

Boot your server with this image in order to install or upgrade to ESXi (ESXi requires 64-bit capable servers). This ESXi image includes VMware Tools.

MD5SUM(¹): cafb95ae04245eb3e93fed1602b0fd3b 
SHA1SUM(¹): 415f08313062d1f8d46162dc81a009dbdbc59b3b 
SHA256SUM(¹): fcbaa4cd952abd9e629fb131b8f46a949844405d8976372e7e5b55917623fbe0
VMware vCenter Server Appliance
2019-08-20 | 6.7.0U3 | 3.93 GB | iso

vCenter Server Appliance ISO. It includes the UI and CLI installer for install upgrade migration for VMware vCenter Server Appliance\, VMware Platform Services Controller\, VMware vSphere Update Manager and Update Manager Download Service (UMDS)

MD5SUM(¹): dff12f195347a61a45d3aee3278ebfca 
SHA1SUM(¹): 6989f3e17278545d77251c46152c4e08e1c32db4 
SHA256SUM(¹): d0bc2c26d6313a92323ac5f8cab8838324613e6762e3a749646bac6496d4d838

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