Debian 10 安装配置samba

samba, smb 在IPMI安装OS的时候非常有用,可以实现远程挂载. 对于远程挂载这种服务来说,可以简单配置一下samba就可以实现.

在debian 10 上安装十分的简单:

apt install samba



workgroup = WORDGROUP
netbios name = samba
security = user
map to guest = bad user

comment = Home Directories
path = /samba/share
browsable =yes
writable = no
guest ok =yes
read only = yes

这个表示目录位于/samba/share. 下面重启samba服务并且写入开机自启动服务:

systemctl restart smbd
systemctl enable smbd


需要挂在OS iso文件,直接放入/samba/share下面就可以了


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